About Sydney Jones

"Sydney Jones is a natural born Dominant, who has been a Lifestyle BD/SM Fetishist for the better part of 15 years and decided to transition to the role of Professional Dominant a bit over two years ago.

A Temptress at heart, She’s been blessed with many eager volunteers to submit to Her exploration of different aspects of Domination/Submission, Bondage/Sadomasochism. Nevertheless, She always gravitated to the embodiment of Mistress/Dominant/Sadist.

Sydney demands control of both the direction and severity of Her sessions, as She works with those who desire nothing more than to submit to Her desires. With an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, She has the advantage of knowing how to use minimum physical effort to drive Her submissives to a state where pain and pleasure sublimate. Sydney loves to psychologically dominate Her submissives and finds great joy in showing submissives aspects of them selves that they never knew existed, as well as taking them to levels of servitude they never knew they could reach. Quickly they learn that anything is possible with Her stern and loving guidance.

Sydney is currently available for worship via webcam sessions, phone sessions, and in person sessions in San Diego. Traveling is always a certain pleasure of Her adventurous heart and generous travel requests are considered. Sydney practices RACK (risk awareness consensual kink) and lives to guide you to go deeper down into the hollows of your mind, where you will find only Her.

The web She weaves is a deceptively seductive one, and all of those who succumb to Her delight, find themselves happy to be consumed. "

Seen enough already, slave?


Do you think you can handle submitting to Sydney Jones?

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Goddess Fae

Goddess Fae

Miss Fiona

Miss Freudian Slit


  1. "Mistress, serving you was truly an eye opening experience. thought i had served before but no, you pushed me to new limits. looking fwd to next time im down south. thank you, thank you."

    -slave v

  2. "Exquisite blend of intelligence , authenticity and prowess . Extremely alluring and adorable in her captivation . So fortunate to share and reveal myself for you Goddess"


  3. "Dearest Goddess--

    This is my testimonial

    Madam Sydney Jones is a true Goddess. She is breathtakingly gorgeous and a genuine lifestyle Domina. She will rock your world. Undoubtedly.

    Since She lives the lifestyle She puts all Her energy and unlimited creativity into every session and every clip.

    She creates unforgettable experiences getting deep into Her subs psyche. She knows what Her sub is thinking before they do. Be warned in advance...She will own you--during the session and long after. You will find yourself needing to serve Her, needing to be humiliated by Her. subs turn over their power to Her willingly; She does not even have to ask.

    Goddess is one fierce, exotic, once-in-a-lifetime Domina and to experience Her in person--or through one of Her clips is an incomparable experience. "

    -slave t

  4. "Madam Sydney, i want to thank You for a fantastic experience! i'm not sure which hurt more, the psychological or physical?! Being blindfolded, tied up and made a slave to Your every wish was mind blowing. i could only hear sounds and feel the things that You were doing to me. i had to let go and trust You, what a mindfuck!!! You are truly a master at what You do. Thank You!!"

    Your willing slave,



Scheduling a live session*:

To book a live session with me, you'll need to contact me via the "session request" page I do not do same day appointments with first time clients, and prefer at least 24 hours notice for new clients. Know that Respect and Obedience are not an option and I have the right to deny any who do not want to follow protocol.

Session Expectations and Limits:

I offer a D/s power exchange in My sessions. Pro-Dommes are NOT prostitutes. The practice of BDSM isn't prostitution and the offer of sexual services are neither implied nor offered.
~ NO sex or other illegal activities ~
~ NO Nudity on my part ~.


*Rates are based on session request. *Extended sessions available.

Scheduling a Skype Session:

*Skype session rates depend on session request.
*Same day Skype sessions accepted, 2-3 hour notice preferred.

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